Fiberhome AN6000-17 AN6000-15 olt

Fiberhome AN6000-17 AN6000-15 olt

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Fiberhome AN6000-17 AN6000-15 olt

Fiberhome AN6000 series carrier-class ten-gigabit platform PON office device adopts industry-leading distributed architecture to realize non-blocking forwarding. Supports cloud NETCONF/YANG model, VxLAN, and slicing functions. It adopts full front plug-in board front outgoing design, provides high-density PON interface board, and can realize mixed insertion of EPON/GPON/10G EPON/10G GPON/ WDM PON/P2P. High-performance chips, green energy saving, improve network reliability, reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Super access capability

▪ Large capacity, high density carrier-grade multi-gigabit platform, distributed design, slot bandwidth up to 200Gbps;
▪ Provides 16-port high-density 1G/10G PON service disk, and a single enclosure supports a maximum of 272 1G/10G PON ports.
▪ 10G/100G high speed upper board card;
▪ Provides 24-port high-density 10GE service disks, with a maximum of 17 x 24 10GE service ports per enclosure.
▪ Maximum 1:128 split ratio, support 40KM long transmission distance.
Full service access
▪ Provide broadband, voice, IPTV, CATV and other integrated services access;
▪ Supports IEEE 1588V2 and 1PPS+TOD clock access;
Supports IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack, layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding;
▪ Supports layer 3 protocols such as static routing, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, and DHCP Server/ Relay.
Support EPON/GPON/10G EPON/10G GPON/ WDM PON/P2P platform;
▪ Supports smooth evolution of 50G PON;
▪ Supports XG(S)PON Combo.
High reliability optimization design
▪ Standard 19/21 inch rack mount, 17/15/7/2 multiple service slot specifications subframes are available;
▪ Full front insert board, front outlet design;
▪ Supports hot swap of all boards and PON optical modules;
▪ Supports main control and power redundancy protection;
▪ End-to-end protection: The upper port is double-connected

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