ZTE ZXA10 C600

ZTE ZXA10 C600

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The ZXA10 C600, ZXA10 C650, and ZXA10 C680 are series optical access CO equipment launched by ZTE Corporation.
ZXA10 C600:Large Capacity Optical Access Equipment
ZXA10 C650:Medium-Capacity Optical Access Equipment
ZXA10 c620:2U High Compact Optical Access Platform

The ZXA10 C600, ZXA10 C650, and ZXA10 C680 share the same interface cards on user side and support similar functions.

ZXA10 C600/C650/C680 fulfil the following functions:
PON OLT: supports GPON, XG-PON, Combo-PON, XGS-PON, EPON, 10G-EPON, and P2P access, supports FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, FTTM networking in cooperation with different types of ONUs.
Layer 2 optical access platform: supports Ethernet uplink and downlink, supports convergence and forwarding of layer 2 Ethernet service traffics.
Layer 3 optical access platform: supports layer 3 routing, supports convergence and forwarding of IP service traffics, implements the gateway function.
Service access control: implements access control, traffic control and service carrying for each subscriber and each service, supports family users and enterprise users, supports voice, the Internet, 4K/8K+ IPTV, VR/AR,MEFCE 2.0, and mobile backhaul services.
Control and forwarding separation: upgrades the control plane software without interrupting the services (ISSU). Uses an external SDN controller to control the OLT forwarding. The control interface supports NETCONF and YANG data modeling.
 Network slicing: allocates network slices to different service departments or different virtual operators to ensure shared network infrastructure and independent operation. Supports tenant network slicing of DC based Cloud CO, and dynamically designates a user line to connect a Virtualized Network Function (VNF) resource in the Cloud CO.

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